May 28, 2019
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May 28, 2019


China Cushion Supplier

Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited is ranked among the top china cushion supplier. We are situated at the bank of Fuchun River; 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou. We aim towards broad development as an organization. We are the first choice among various China cushion manufacturers in the market.

We manufacture our short pillow cushions with polyester, which is an inexpensive and commonly produced stuff. We construct a pillow cushion cover first. We ship either cotton or cotton related polyester fabric to our factory first. The stuff or material is calendared so that the casing may easily be separated during the filing process. Once calendared, the structure is taken to cutting tables and cut apart, with either heavy shears or cutting machine.

Now the stacks of fabric are taken to automated sewing machines. The machine takes the material and sews them together. We use the latest tech-related machines to produce the cushions.

China Cushion Manufacturers and Suppliers

We operate as a comprehensive organization. We have an integrated production, design, processing and sales departments. Similarly, we have a primary objective to remain competitive in the presence of other China cushion manufacturers. Our products are synonymous to customer satisfaction. Apart from current operations, we target the future as well. We consistently research and develop new items to remain ahead of tomorrow.

The products we offer include double-sided carpet, double-faced velvet toys, and series of cushions; together with all types of bedding products. We receive praise from and outside China. As we are rich in variety and keep the quality standards high, we are continually tapping new markets.

As a large scale company, Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited is carrying out round the clock operations. As China cushion supplier, we always produce volume, according to market demand.

Also, we remain connected to the world and contemporary situations. As we have a futuristic approach, we are ready to contribute a China is knocking the door of WTO. Whether its conformation of textile grade, expansion of sales or quality enhancement, we are moving towards standardization. Therefore, if you are in search of reliable China cushion supplier, you have landed on the right page.



Offset short plush cushion

Specification: 46*42*6cm

Fabric: Offset super soft plush

Fill: 350 g pp cotton

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