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May 28, 2019
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May 28, 2019

Coral Fleece Blanket

China Coral Fleece Blanket Manufacturer

Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited is a leading brand if we talk about quality China Coral Fleece Blanket Supplier. We are located on the bank of the River Fuchun, which is 70 kilometers away from city Hangzhou. Hangzhou is next to 320 National Road. Our topography gives us a competitive advantage over other players in the market. As a prominent China coral fleece blanket manufacturer, we are convenient to transport our cargo all over China.

Through comprehensive integration between integrating design, production, processing and sales, we have broad developmental prospects. We equally maintain our focus on quality blankets products with high-class service. That’s why our customers always remain satisfied with us. Also, we aim to develop new products so that we stay ahead of tomorrow.

Our core products include a series of cushions, double-faced velvet toys, double-sided carpets and coral fleece blankets. Due to growing demand, we not only produce for our Chinese customers, but we also honor orders from overseas.

China Coral Fleece Blanket Supplier

Our coral fleece blanket is massive and has a higher pile. Conversely, our fleece blanket is furrier. Due to the furry texture and susceptible to stretch, fleece blanket sheds on the corners. Coral fleece as a fabric provides the highest value for your money. Our coral fleece, like others, is polyester synthetic fiber. Therefore, it can quickly be melted down when putting to too much heat. Blankets with coral fleece have a higher pile on its right side, but both the sides have softness.

Our coral fleece blankets provide warmth which is delicate and soft, yet toasty. Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited’s fleece blankets are perfect for your couch snuggling and to fight with the cold nights. Keeping the blankets away from iron increase its lifespan.

As a China Coral Fleece Blanket Manufacturer, we are gradually but solidly, moving towards standardization. We are going global as well due to Chinese entry in WTO. Being a responsible China Coral Fleece Blanket Supplier, we are expanding our sales and improving our relationship with foreign trade institutions.

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