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High Quality Carpet Supplier 

Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited is reckoned as the high quality carpet supplier. We manufacture double-sided carpets in the premises located on the beautiful bank of Fuchun River, 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou which is next to 320 National Road. Due to our geographical location, we have a competitive edge as a China carpet supplier, with respect to convenient transportation across China. With the integration of sales, processing, and design activities, we have bright developmental prospects. We always have a concern towards maintaining quality and first-class service.

That’s why we have the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Our main products include double-faced velvet toys, bedding products and various kinds of cushions, apart from the double-sided carpet. Due to our wide range, we as China carpet supplier are reaching the customers outside China. We also undertake the manufacturing of composite apparel fabrics.

To produce double-sided carpets, we use different fibers. The fibers include:

Nylon: Nylon is the most stain-resistant and durable carpet fiber. Our nylon carpets are best for homes with pets and children. These are also perfect for lying on stairs and heavy traffic in hallways.

Olefin: Olefin carpets are best for moisture and stain resistance. Also, olefin is convenient and better for dense cut pile and loop pile construction.

Cut pile carpets comprise of yarns whose ends are slashed. Soft cut pile is perfect for your living and bedrooms.

Polyester: We all want a luxurious look with color and some style; polyester carpet gives them all. Our polyester carpets are comfortable for the average amount of traffic.

Wool: Woolen rugs are favored for their natural beauty. These carpets are soil resistant but not inherently stain resistant.

Our carpets come in various styles and patterns. You have quite a few options to satisfy your style to match your décor. You can save your floorings from averting breakage when any delicate item is dropped accidentally.

As a Fleece Blanket supplier, we are gradually but solidly, moving towards standardization. We are going global as well due to Chinese entry in WTO. Further, the entry in WTO will help us to enjoy the benefits of transparent trade laws. We still face some cumbersomeness during the export process. Moreover, customs processing of our products will get much easier as well as robust.

Being a responsible carpet Supplier, we are expanding our sales and improving our relationship with foreign trade institutions. Due to an improved relationship with foreign trade institutions, we will capitalize more on our reputation.

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